05 February 2007

Avatars Against The War - Part VI

Avatars Against The WarLast part of the chatlog with Spider Mycron:

[16:30] Delia Lake: true, charles. many of the places we name as countries today were put together by outsiders, not by people who live there
[16:31] Man Michinaga: Escalation rarely soles matters
[16:31] Effulgent Brown: these political lines are what is killing us
[16:31] Man Michinaga: What I'm interested in is the state of iraq, the situation so that we can make more informed decisions as US citizens
[16:31] Charles Gemini: I think media manipulation is killing us, people think they are in one category but they aren't hearing the truth of what these politicans are really doing in their name
[16:32] Marck Guru: most countries do not understand LFOD
[16:32] Man Michinaga: And how we in the US can have the best strategies for urging stability and rebuilding.
[16:32] Caduceus Kyomoon: are any politicians sitting on the line these days
[16:32] Man Michinaga: LFOD?
[16:32] Marck Guru: Live Free Or Die
[16:33] Marck Guru: LFOD
[16:33] Charles Gemini: Stop funding Israeli agression, that's what the US can do real easy, just stop sending them money and weapons! Suddenly their foreign policy will be less belligerent by necessity
[16:34] Charles Gemini: If we're so interested in enforcing UN resolutions we can start with 242 and 338, Israeli withdrawl from Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights, that will bring a lot more stability
[16:34] Man Michinaga: Now, interesting that the US has only backed Israel only in the past 25 years or so
[16:34] Man Michinaga: Before that, primarily France
[16:34] Effulgent Brown: american history has been tainted, its so bad
[16:34] Charles Gemini: We were sending Israel their weapons during Yom Kippur war in 73 though
[16:35] Marck Guru: not really if you are older you were tought properly now they only teach slavery
[16:35] Man Michinaga: Of course, and the US was supporting the Mujhadim when fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan
[16:35] Charles Gemini: The CIA created Osama, just like Rumsfeld gave Hussein his chemical weapons capacity
[16:35] Effulgent Brown: yeah, history these days is watered down none of it makes sense
[16:35] Man Michinaga: And supporting Usama Bin Laden
[16:36] Man Michinaga: Now, as I see it, history is important
[16:36] Man Michinaga: good to know.
[16:36] Charles Gemini: You're right, its critical
[16:36] Effulgent Brown: we just need to go back and do history from scratch
[16:36] Man Michinaga: But we must not be all talk.
[16:37] Effulgent Brown: if you read financial publications from the 50's its shocking
[16:37] Man Michinaga: People, I may agree, but anger isn't going to get anything done
[16:37] Marck Guru: any countries Tyrany
[16:37] Man Michinaga: So, spreading good information is essential.
[16:37] Charles Gemini: As Jefferson put it on his memorial, I swear upon the altar of God eternal hostility on all tryannies which seek to enslave the minds of men (paraphrased)
[16:38] Man Michinaga: Spider, you probably know Solidad Sugarbeet...
[16:38] Marck Guru: Sl is the perfect way for ALL world residents to be able to learn about others (Countries and People)
[16:38] Keystone Bouchard: yes Marck - that potential is huge
[16:38] Charles Gemini: I agree, words and anger are not enough, we're planning civil disobedience at the office of our pro-war Congressman
[16:38] Man Michinaga: We must also be careful, SL is not a true commons - is is a private enterprise.
[16:38] Effulgent Brown: money is not bound by political lines, it transfers easily for the wealthy and moves as smoothly as they do, its the poor who get locked into totalitarian governments
[16:39] Marck Guru: I take this as an option that very few people have had EVER in the history of the WORLD
[16:39] Man Michinaga: They do not enforce TOSP because they are so busy
[16:39] Charles Gemini: government is often the weapon of the rich to take even more money and power from the poor
[16:39] Man Michinaga: 1: Information.
[16:39] Neologic Cromulent: Amen Charles! I say anyone who's opposed to our desires of world peace should be brutalized into submission until they cooperate!
[16:39] Man Michinaga: 2: communication.
[16:39] Effulgent Brown: like that is happening with venezuela now, they cant drain the country as easily as they would like
[16:39] Charles Gemini: I don't advocate brutality
[16:40] Charles Gemini: But I do advocate nonviolent disobedience
[16:40] Man Michinaga: 3 dissemination of that good material to as many as possible
[16:40] Marck Guru: I have learned more in the past 6months about the world than i have in the last 20 years of traveling to Europe and abroad
[16:40] Effulgent Brown: brutality is committed by the brutal and ignorant
[16:40] Man Michinaga: Spider, have you thought of speaking through the various SL mass media publications?
[16:40] Charles Gemini: IT is our government practicing brutality, abroad and at home, the US is the most imprisoned nation on Earth
[16:40] Neologic Cromulent: Exactly! Which is why we have to use their own weapons against the brutes to get our desired outcome!
[16:41] Charles Gemini: Nonviolence is the only way friend, or we will only replace one tyranny with another
[16:42] Charles Gemini: Don't pay your war taxes, that's nonviolent and effective
[16:42] Marck Guru: However if all the people had not come together for the World Wars we would not have this avail
[16:42] Marck Guru: It takes the WHOLE world to change not just a few
[16:42] Effulgent Brown: hmm only one griefer and he was 3 hours late, lol
[16:42] Neologic Cromulent: well, I've never been punctual...
[16:42] Keystone Bouchard: which griefer is that?
[16:43] Effulgent Brown: some guy, nobody advocates for violence at a peace gathering
[16:43] Spider Mycron: well.. folks
[16:43] Spider Mycron: i have meeting :also
[16:43] Spider Mycron: i wish to keep listen and speak
[16:43] Effulgent Brown: i gotta scram this was nice
[16:43] Man Michinaga: All right.
[16:43] Spider Mycron: thanks so much for how u work on and thimking
[16:43] Man Michinaga: Good getting to know more about you.
[16:43] Marck Guru: thanks to all
[16:43] Spider Mycron: i'm sure we can do something soon
[16:44] Spider Mycron: we will keep intouch
[16:44] Man Michinaga: yes.
[16:44] Effulgent Brown: yeah
[16:44] Spider Mycron: and i'm always with a big pleasure to be with you
[16:44] Spider Mycron: thanks alot and so much
[16:44] Spider Mycron: i love you all and SL :))
[16:44] Spider Mycron: see you soon .. bye for now
[16:44] Marck Guru: bye
[16:44] Keystone Bouchard: bye Spider! Thanks!
[16:44] Delia Lake: bye Spider
[16:44] Daedalus Young: thanks

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