10 April 2009

Spammed Life

Second LifeSo when I wake up in the morning (or usually, afternoon) and go check my e-mail to see if that cutie finally answered my Valentine's Day card (sent back in 2007, but you have to keep hoping), I usually see something like this:

All received SL Group Notices while I was offline. It's been like this ever since I joined SL over 2 years ago. By now it's part of my daily routine to simply click the 'Select Unread' button in my Gmail, deselect any *real* e-mails and then click 'Delete' to get rid of all the now useless Group Notices. Most of them have no meaning anymore anyway, I mean "Come on down to see the show right now!" is a cool Notice, but when it's sent 12 hours ago, why would it still be relevant to me?

So on the happy day of 24 February 2008 (yes, 2008), I pointed my beloved Opera browser to jira.secondlife.com and created the issue that would haunt Lindens until today and beyond, titled: Separate 'IM to e-mail' and 'Group Notice to e-mail' options.

Yes, the dreaded issue VWR-5132, there wouldn't be a n00b that hadn't heard of it! It would gloom in the WindLight skies, making Gorean turn pale. Coders from all over the world would be flown in to fix this nasty bug. Oh yes...

But no, the Issue is still Unresolved, not to mention Unassigned, more than a year after I created it! It has but 4 votes, however I can not imagine everybody else is quite happily reading 100 obsolete Group Notices each morning. There must be more of you out there who still want to receive IMs in their e-mail, but don't want the Group Notices anywhere near it.

It is you I'm asking: Vote! Log on to SL's Issue Tracker if you need to and head over to VWR-5132 and click that Vote button! Together we can work to keep our e-mail inboxes clean!

I thank you.