30 October 2007

First Second Life

Second LifeA friend of mine showed me a nice video of Second Life in First Life. I don't really know what it's from, but it sure is funny. Even though some sounds are wrong and some people have things selected with their right arm (where in SL, you always select things using your left arm). Anyway, without any further ado, I'll let you enjoy the video titled "second life"!

29 October 2007


BlahToday, October 29th, is my 28th birthday. Time really flies :P I feel like I'm missing so many years! Anyway, here's to another year.

28 October 2007

Snapshot of the Week #3

Snap of the WeekIt's Sunday already! Time flies...

Anyway, this week I was having a good time exploring the latest mainland additions. The newest Corsica Continent is growing. I already Snapped other regions there, like Troll Sweat (pic), but this time, I went to an already inhabited region, rezzed my balloon and flew over to Circus (a promising name!). There I cranked up draw distance to 1500m, turned off cloud rendering and moved the Sun to a funny place in the sky and Snapped this widescreen image:

(Although I really want WindLight for landscapes!)

21 October 2007

Snapshot of the Week #2

Snap of the WeekI didn't do much exploring this week. But of course there was Cylindrian Rutabaga's show this week at Oyster Bay. And I still needed to take Snaps for The Photography Studio's Contest and I attended a performance of The Show Must Go On (which is really recommended!).

But instead of those things, I chose to take a Snap of this week's released Release Candidate's Lag Meter and Mini-Map "above" and "below" indicators.


14 October 2007

Snapshot of the Week #1

Snap of the WeekI am going to try something new here, for this blog anyway. The Snapshot of the Week, it needs no explaining really, a Snap I made during the past week which I really like or think deserves more attention.

This week: Origin Rang played at Oyster Bay!

Origin Rang

01 October 2007

What is this thing?

CafepressYour guess is as good as mine: what is this icon? Or better, what does it stand for? It's obviously a plus-minus character, but with the circle around it, it could just as well be a -somewhat odd- smiley.


I'll tell you a little secret. This design is used on some t-shirts in a certain 1980s Hollywood movie. I didn't even notice it myself until I read about it on a website. It is worn by both good and bad characters, so it's surely not a symbol of a 'gang' or anything. And I think the plus and the minus also indicate the symbol is neutral.

Whatever it is, t-shirts with the design are now for sale on the website Cafepress.com, to be honest in my very own shop there ;) Feel free to take a look and invite your friends over too! It's more or less foretold these shirts will be the coolest thing ever somewhere between now and 2015...