31 January 2007

Avatars Against The War - Part I

Avatars Against The WarOn Monday, January 29, at 2 pm PST, dozens of people gathered on virtual Capitol Hill in Second Life to protest against the war in Iraq.

(These images are released under a Creative Commons license)
(That's me with the Vietnam sign at the left :D)

At 3.30 pm PST, Spider Mycron joined the protestors. Spider is from Iraq himself, but fled the country and now lives in Jordan, with no visa though. He talked about Iraq and what should be done. I will post the full -edited- chatlog later. But here's something to get you excited already:

[15:30] Spider Mycron: Hello every one
[15:30] Linda Finney: Eeercheck - here is Spider
[15:31] Linda Finney: Everybody come tell a native Iraqi that we love him
[15:31] Kurukulla2 Ivory: we love u
[15:31] Daedalus Young: we love you
[15:31] Mint Wilder: we love u
[15:31] Linda Finney: We love you
[15:31] errcheck Hicks: We Love the Iraqi people!

More to come...

30 January 2007

Avatars Against The War - Prologue

Avatars Against The WarProtests against the war in Iraq not only took place in the real world, but also in the virtual world of Second Life. I did not visit all events, but I have been to the march on Capitol Hill on Monday. I will post a chat transcript with an Iraqi man later.

But first there was a party at Oyster Bay on Sunday. I couldn't be there during the whole event, but I did manage to take a good photo of the people dancing to DJ Doubledown's music.

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