02 February 2007

Avatars Against The War - Part II

Avatars Against The WarAs promised, an edited chatlog of the conversation we had with Spider Mycron in Second Life, during the protests against the war (edited to just get out the stuff that distracts :P ).
Here are the first fifteen minutes:

[15:31] Spider Mycron: i'm from Iraq - Baghdad
[15:31] Effulgent Brown: Welcome :) *huggies*
[15:31] Rik Riel: wow, sorry for all the shit we're doing over there
[15:31] Spider Mycron: that we love all people also
[15:31] Linda Finney: We are so honored that you are in SL
[15:32] Spider Mycron: SL just big sign or sound to make big peace around the world
[15:33] errcheck Hicks: Second Life can build bridges around the world
[15:33] Spider Mycron: yes we can imagibne .. 30.000 in one seconds are around all online
[15:33] Spider Mycron: what a fast great community
[15:34] Linda Finney: Blessings of Peace
[15:34] Linda Finney: Thank you so much Spider
[15:34] Linda Finney: So many people have in the pain in their hearts from this war
[15:34] Kurukulla2 Ivory: thank you
[15:34] Spider Mycron: my pleasure
[15:34] Spider Mycron: we have nothing to do
[15:35] Spider Mycron: we are just the people
[15:35] Spider Mycron: but other presidents make the plans send ppl to hell
[15:35] Spider Mycron: and we have to accept all what happen all destiny
[15:35] Spider Mycron: they try to distribute hates and hark hates
[15:35] Spider Mycron: but never
[15:35] Spider Mycron: we will stay our naturality
[15:37] Hayduke Ebisu: holy cow... everyone's still here!
[15:37] Hayduke Ebisu: woo hoo
[15:38] Hayduke Ebisu: I logged an hour ago
[15:39] Linda Finney: Hayduke this is Spider
[15:39] Hayduke Ebisu: hello spider
[15:39] Linda Finney: He is here from Iraq
[15:39] Spider Mycron: hello
[15:39] Linda Finney: Hayduke is from USA
[15:39] Spider Mycron: glad to meet u
[15:39] Spider Mycron: most of my friends here from USA
[15:39] Linda Finney: He organizes the space for nonprofit organizations on Commonwealth
[15:39] Effulgent Brown: cool
[15:39] Hayduke Ebisu: great to meet you
[15:40] Spider Mycron: that's great
[15:40] Hayduke Ebisu: are you IN iraq or from iraq?
[15:40] Spider Mycron: i left my country with all what i have my house
[15:40] Spider Mycron: just escaped
[15:40] Spider Mycron: most my friends killed
[15:40] Spider Mycron: and keep losing many
[15:41] Linda Finney: We share your pain
[15:41] Spider Mycron: and we are in jorda with bad situation
[15:41] Spider Mycron: no one support us even the government of jordan
[15:41] Spider Mycron: they keep taken money
[15:41] Spider Mycron: we have money now
[15:41] Spider Mycron: what about others ?
[15:41] Effulgent Brown: they are saying that jordan and syria are trying to stop people from coming
[15:41] Hayduke Ebisu: the middle east has never been kind to refugees
[15:41] Spider Mycron: they just though them out to border
[15:41] Kurukulla2 Ivory: and do you feel the USA troop are helping the situation?
[15:41] Spider Mycron: and no one give any refugy or otehr ways
[15:41] Linda Finney: How old are you Spider?
[15:41] Spider Mycron: are we a dead ppl ?
[15:41] Spider Mycron: i don't belive
[15:42] Spider Mycron: i'm 38
[15:42] Linda Finney: Married? Children?
[15:42] Spider Mycron: i have human organization to give free treatment for childhood in iraq
[15:42] Spider Mycron: have it since 2 years
[15:42] Spider Mycron: and no any support
[15:42] Spider Mycron: i just get stories about dead ppl
[15:42] Spider Mycron: ppl work for personal income and pockets
[15:43] Hayduke Ebisu: so spider... you are currently in Jordan?
[15:43] Spider Mycron: yes in Jordan
[15:43] Spider Mycron: with no any resident vesa
[15:43] Hayduke Ebisu: how do you access the internet?
[15:43] Spider Mycron: just a study fine art at college
[15:44] Spider Mycron: i have ADSL broad band at home
[15:44] Linda Finney: What can we do to help you? Make life better?
[15:44] Spider Mycron: i wish nothing to my self
[15:44] Spider Mycron: i wish to help others
[15:44] Spider Mycron: they are feeling the death
[15:44] Spider Mycron: no peace no food no treatment
[15:44] Effulgent Brown: possibly send aid to keep jordan from returning people or blocking them
[15:45] Spider Mycron: i wish to get out of middle east
[15:45] Spider Mycron: but i'm alive now
[15:45] Spider Mycron: i'm crying for others
[15:45] Spider Mycron: if i live happy this way .. i don't deserve this all
[15:45] Linda Finney: We cry with you
[15:45] Kurukulla2 Ivory: it will end some day:)
[15:45] Kurukulla2 Ivory: we want this to end!
[15:45] Spider Mycron: other hurted and liveing without electricity of breath .. scary all anmd every minute
[15:46] Spider Mycron: God only can finish this

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