25 May 2008


BlahYou're probably wondering if I was gone then. Yes, I was actually, for a while, for the reasons listed below...

First of all, I went on vacation at the end of April, first week of May. Destination Istria, Croatia. As usual, I have photographic evidence. :P So I was gone for a week, but that still was a fun absense (for me anyway).

Second, and this is the no-fun part, I had some severe hard disk issues on my beloved iMac. I had the issues for a few months really, but they weren't so serious in the beginning. There was a tiny error somewhere on it which caused it to be extremely slow. I attempted to bypass this error by dividing the disk into two partitions, hoping I caught the bad part in one and could install OS X on the healthy half. This cunning plan backfired however, installation was not successful, every attempt at interacting with the drive resulted in a critical input/output error.

The only solution was to bring the poor machine to the nearest iCentre, to get it a brand new disk. However, as a famous Dutch soccer player once said: "every downside has an upside," as I was to find out when the Mac was back where it belonged (in front of me) a week later: they had installed Leopard on it, which otherwise would've cost just about what the repair cost me now.

I suppose that's all part of the Big Plan, everything happens for a reason, everything's connected to everything.

So, I'm back! I'm catching up to some work that was waiting with me for the machine's return and re-installing the necessary software, such as GIMP, Blender and Opera. You know, the usual software everybody just needs to have. ;) When that's all done, everything should be again like it was meant to be.