05 February 2007

Avatars Against The War - Part VI

Avatars Against The WarLast part of the chatlog with Spider Mycron:

[16:30] Delia Lake: true, charles. many of the places we name as countries today were put together by outsiders, not by people who live there
[16:31] Man Michinaga: Escalation rarely soles matters
[16:31] Effulgent Brown: these political lines are what is killing us
[16:31] Man Michinaga: What I'm interested in is the state of iraq, the situation so that we can make more informed decisions as US citizens
[16:31] Charles Gemini: I think media manipulation is killing us, people think they are in one category but they aren't hearing the truth of what these politicans are really doing in their name
[16:32] Marck Guru: most countries do not understand LFOD
[16:32] Man Michinaga: And how we in the US can have the best strategies for urging stability and rebuilding.
[16:32] Caduceus Kyomoon: are any politicians sitting on the line these days
[16:32] Man Michinaga: LFOD?
[16:32] Marck Guru: Live Free Or Die
[16:33] Marck Guru: LFOD
[16:33] Charles Gemini: Stop funding Israeli agression, that's what the US can do real easy, just stop sending them money and weapons! Suddenly their foreign policy will be less belligerent by necessity
[16:34] Charles Gemini: If we're so interested in enforcing UN resolutions we can start with 242 and 338, Israeli withdrawl from Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights, that will bring a lot more stability
[16:34] Man Michinaga: Now, interesting that the US has only backed Israel only in the past 25 years or so
[16:34] Man Michinaga: Before that, primarily France
[16:34] Effulgent Brown: american history has been tainted, its so bad
[16:34] Charles Gemini: We were sending Israel their weapons during Yom Kippur war in 73 though
[16:35] Marck Guru: not really if you are older you were tought properly now they only teach slavery
[16:35] Man Michinaga: Of course, and the US was supporting the Mujhadim when fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan
[16:35] Charles Gemini: The CIA created Osama, just like Rumsfeld gave Hussein his chemical weapons capacity
[16:35] Effulgent Brown: yeah, history these days is watered down none of it makes sense
[16:35] Man Michinaga: And supporting Usama Bin Laden
[16:36] Man Michinaga: Now, as I see it, history is important
[16:36] Man Michinaga: good to know.
[16:36] Charles Gemini: You're right, its critical
[16:36] Effulgent Brown: we just need to go back and do history from scratch
[16:36] Man Michinaga: But we must not be all talk.
[16:37] Effulgent Brown: if you read financial publications from the 50's its shocking
[16:37] Man Michinaga: People, I may agree, but anger isn't going to get anything done
[16:37] Marck Guru: any countries Tyrany
[16:37] Man Michinaga: So, spreading good information is essential.
[16:37] Charles Gemini: As Jefferson put it on his memorial, I swear upon the altar of God eternal hostility on all tryannies which seek to enslave the minds of men (paraphrased)
[16:38] Man Michinaga: Spider, you probably know Solidad Sugarbeet...
[16:38] Marck Guru: Sl is the perfect way for ALL world residents to be able to learn about others (Countries and People)
[16:38] Keystone Bouchard: yes Marck - that potential is huge
[16:38] Charles Gemini: I agree, words and anger are not enough, we're planning civil disobedience at the office of our pro-war Congressman
[16:38] Man Michinaga: We must also be careful, SL is not a true commons - is is a private enterprise.
[16:38] Effulgent Brown: money is not bound by political lines, it transfers easily for the wealthy and moves as smoothly as they do, its the poor who get locked into totalitarian governments
[16:39] Marck Guru: I take this as an option that very few people have had EVER in the history of the WORLD
[16:39] Man Michinaga: They do not enforce TOSP because they are so busy
[16:39] Charles Gemini: government is often the weapon of the rich to take even more money and power from the poor
[16:39] Man Michinaga: 1: Information.
[16:39] Neologic Cromulent: Amen Charles! I say anyone who's opposed to our desires of world peace should be brutalized into submission until they cooperate!
[16:39] Man Michinaga: 2: communication.
[16:39] Effulgent Brown: like that is happening with venezuela now, they cant drain the country as easily as they would like
[16:39] Charles Gemini: I don't advocate brutality
[16:40] Charles Gemini: But I do advocate nonviolent disobedience
[16:40] Man Michinaga: 3 dissemination of that good material to as many as possible
[16:40] Marck Guru: I have learned more in the past 6months about the world than i have in the last 20 years of traveling to Europe and abroad
[16:40] Effulgent Brown: brutality is committed by the brutal and ignorant
[16:40] Man Michinaga: Spider, have you thought of speaking through the various SL mass media publications?
[16:40] Charles Gemini: IT is our government practicing brutality, abroad and at home, the US is the most imprisoned nation on Earth
[16:40] Neologic Cromulent: Exactly! Which is why we have to use their own weapons against the brutes to get our desired outcome!
[16:41] Charles Gemini: Nonviolence is the only way friend, or we will only replace one tyranny with another
[16:42] Charles Gemini: Don't pay your war taxes, that's nonviolent and effective
[16:42] Marck Guru: However if all the people had not come together for the World Wars we would not have this avail
[16:42] Marck Guru: It takes the WHOLE world to change not just a few
[16:42] Effulgent Brown: hmm only one griefer and he was 3 hours late, lol
[16:42] Neologic Cromulent: well, I've never been punctual...
[16:42] Keystone Bouchard: which griefer is that?
[16:43] Effulgent Brown: some guy, nobody advocates for violence at a peace gathering
[16:43] Spider Mycron: well.. folks
[16:43] Spider Mycron: i have meeting :also
[16:43] Spider Mycron: i wish to keep listen and speak
[16:43] Effulgent Brown: i gotta scram this was nice
[16:43] Man Michinaga: All right.
[16:43] Spider Mycron: thanks so much for how u work on and thimking
[16:43] Man Michinaga: Good getting to know more about you.
[16:43] Marck Guru: thanks to all
[16:43] Spider Mycron: i'm sure we can do something soon
[16:44] Spider Mycron: we will keep intouch
[16:44] Man Michinaga: yes.
[16:44] Effulgent Brown: yeah
[16:44] Spider Mycron: and i'm always with a big pleasure to be with you
[16:44] Spider Mycron: thanks alot and so much
[16:44] Spider Mycron: i love you all and SL :))
[16:44] Spider Mycron: see you soon .. bye for now
[16:44] Marck Guru: bye
[16:44] Keystone Bouchard: bye Spider! Thanks!
[16:44] Delia Lake: bye Spider
[16:44] Daedalus Young: thanks

Avatars Against The War - Part V

Avatars Against The WarAnd more:

[16:16] Man Michinaga: How is life in Amman currently?
[16:16] Spider Mycron: it's cold, expensive ... ... and critical situation
[16:16] Spider Mycron: pay money always to stay extra month
[16:17] Man Michinaga: Paying to stay in Amman?
[16:17] Spider Mycron: yes MAn
[16:17] Spider Mycron: they don't offer a resident vesa
[16:17] Spider Mycron: so we pay tasks
[16:17] Man Michinaga: I see
[16:17] Spider Mycron: and depends on their mood if they let or they though us out
[16:17] Spider Mycron: bacj to iraq
[16:18] Man Michinaga: Are there any options to get out, maybe get to ankora?
[16:18] Spider Mycron: not sure ... need visa
[16:18] Charles Gemini: Isn't it pilgrimage season? You could get to Mecca
[16:18] Spider Mycron: no way
[16:18] Spider Mycron: i wish
[16:18] Linda Finney: Are you Muslim?
[16:19] Spider Mycron: if i go to syria .i will live on border
[16:19] Effulgent Brown: thats expensive
[16:19] Spider Mycron: yes i'm musslim
[16:19] Spider Mycron: Sunne
[16:19] Effulgent Brown: syria might not be good now, bush is threatening them too
[16:19] Man Michinaga: So, beyond the obvious - what are the issues westerners need to be thinking about in regards to the middle east?
[16:20] Man Michinaga: What is the opinion there now about what the US occupation should do in iraq?
[16:20] Man Michinaga: Should they leave?
[16:21] Spider Mycron: i don't think so
[16:21] Spider Mycron: but they have to be honest one time ...
[16:21] Spider Mycron: at least one time
[16:21] Man Michinaga: SHould they be working towrads political negotiations with Syria and Iran?
[16:21] Spider Mycron: just like japan army
[16:21] Spider Mycron: they came to build and teach ppl new culture
[16:21] Spider Mycron: make the city clean
[16:21] Spider Mycron: they pay monet to who clean his street
[16:21] Man Michinaga: This is the problem, isn't it?
[16:22] Man Michinaga: The US has no idea of the culture of Iraq
[16:22] Spider Mycron: not about culture .. but the army should stay away of civilian
[16:22] Hayduke Ebisu: even we don't... we're here protesting to remove our troops... that might not be a good thing for the people of iraq
[16:22] Man Michinaga: I see.
[16:23] Delia Lake: any way you look at it, the US has made a mess in Iraq
[16:23] Hayduke Ebisu: agreed, delia
[16:23] Effulgent Brown: yes
[16:24] Charles Gemini: HR 4853 would tax the excess profits of reconstruction contractors and investigate why reconstruction dollars aren't going to help people...even if we get US troops out, which is what a majority of Iraqis want, we still owe them reparations through reconstruction funding for years to come
[16:24] Delia Lake: the question is not as simple as should we remove our troops or leave them ther
[16:24] Delia Lake: the questions asked have to be regarding how to develop a peaceful coexistance in the middle east
[16:24] Man Michinaga: Of course, but asking that question opens the door to the better questions.
[16:25] Charles Gemini: The majority of people in both countries want US troops out, but that doesn't mean we wash our hands of all the damage the US has caused in Iraq, both in the 2 Gulf Wars and in our putative sanctions under Bush I and Clinton
[16:25] Delia Lake: and who's voices need to be heard
[16:25] Effulgent Brown: yes, the people of iraq are being left out of both plans, this cannot be solved on this end
[16:26] Delia Lake: and then how do we learn to cooperate for a common good working with people who do not yet understand each other's ways and values
[16:27] Delia Lake: there is no military solution to the complex issues in the middle east
[16:27] Charles Gemini: Another question is whether there is any longer an entity we can call 'iraq' and not two or three countries there that were artificially glommed together by British imperialists 85 years ago, maybe we need to deal with three separate governments for Kurdistan, West-Central Iraq and Southern Iraq
[16:27] Man Michinaga: Exactly.
[16:27] Man Michinaga: this is a very good questions
[16:28] Charles Gemini: I heard today Turkey is considering invading Kurdistan, how do we deal with that?
[16:28] Effulgent Brown: yeah but then there is turkey, what do the kurds do if turkey tries something
[16:28] Effulgent Brown: this is just a huge mess now
[16:28] Hayduke Ebisu: so bush today threatened Iran with military action... on NPR of all places
[16:28] Delia Lake: it was not only the british involved
[16:28] Effulgent Brown: the whole reigon
[16:28] Effulgent Brown: they say the plans to invade iran are on cheney's desk already
[16:29] Linda Finney: Dear Lord Save Us
[16:29] Effulgent Brown: this madness is spreading
[16:29] Man Michinaga: Well, From that, congress has to block the invasion.
[16:29] Charles Gemini: The British got Jordan and Iraq and Kuwait areas after WWI, France got Syria and Lebanon and these countries were created in European negotiations in Versaille and not by those peoples
[16:29] Effulgent Brown: he threatens iran and syria every chance he gets
[16:29] Keystone Bouchard: your website is beautiful Spider
[16:29] Keystone Bouchard: very inspiring
[16:29] Man Michinaga: What is your website?
[16:30] Spider Mycron: www.iraqhelp.org
[16:30] Spider Mycron: www.lifeheartbeat.com

Avatars Against The War - Part IV

Avatars Against The WarAnd more:

[16:00] Hayduke Ebisu: spider... what will happen when the US pulls its army out
[16:00] Effulgent Brown: yeah, i dont think people know what its like there for the americans or iraqis
[16:00] Hayduke Ebisu: we are all protesting to get that to happen
[16:00] Spider Mycron: well..
[16:00] Spider Mycron: if the army work correct that will help
[16:00] Spider Mycron: but it work for big plan
[16:00] Spider Mycron: nothing true
[16:01] Spider Mycron: and now .. if us army leave .. a big hell will be on
[16:01] Spider Mycron: and iran will have the big region
[16:01] Kurukulla2 Ivory: if they would help make a true democratic society would this help you
[16:01] Spider Mycron: they will eat iraq
[16:01] Kurukulla2 Ivory: in your country
[16:01] Hayduke Ebisu: this is part of the problem
[16:02] Spider Mycron: if they are truly bring companies ... traders ... and secure it all
[16:02] Hayduke Ebisu: we have destabilized the region and if we pull out it gets a lot worse
[16:02] Hayduke Ebisu: if we stay it gets a lot worse
[16:02] Spider Mycron: that will really help the whole middle east and calm anything around
[16:03] Effulgent Brown: do you think iran is weak now, can they manage iraq, or are people in iran wanting iraq for themselves?
[16:03] Hayduke Ebisu: so spider... you believe that having stable companies in the region will help?
[16:03] Spider Mycron: iraqn just stupid country bad like poison
[16:03] Spider Mycron: they just wait to kick from back
[16:03] Spider Mycron: and they are the big problem
[16:04] Effulgent Brown: so they want to get revenge from the war?
[16:04] Kurukulla2 Ivory: you are talking about the governemnt or the people?
[16:04] Spider Mycron: yes they are just moving smooth like theaf
[16:04] Spider Mycron: government
[16:04] Spider Mycron: ppl are just me and u
[16:04] Kurukulla2 Ivory: :)
[16:04] Spider Mycron: :)
[16:05] Effulgent Brown: the president of iran has been making things worse, he is playing with bush
[16:05] Spider Mycron: yes ..
[16:05] Effulgent Brown: bush is like the iranian president, they are both nuts
[16:05] Effulgent Brown: they will kill people just to save face
[16:05] Spider Mycron: they like like to keep positions
[16:05] Spider Mycron: MONEY
[16:06] Linda Finney: Man is a college professor from Chicago
[16:07] Hayduke Ebisu: spider... please feel free to come join us on Commonwealth Island... you will find many people there that wish to support you
[16:08] Hayduke Ebisu: spider... something you can do
[16:08] Hayduke Ebisu: you should make a list of organizations that are actually helping people in Jordan and Iraq
[16:08] Hayduke Ebisu: many of us would like to support them
[16:08] Effulgent Brown: yes
[16:08] Spider Mycron: yes i can
[16:09] Hayduke Ebisu: it is the least we can do...
[16:09] Spider Mycron: even just real 3
[16:09] Spider Mycron: other are traders
[16:09] Keystone Bouchard: that's a great idea Hayduke
[16:09] Hayduke Ebisu: it is hard for many of us to think about what more we can do
[16:09] Effulgent Brown: any group is good
[16:09] Effulgent Brown: just put it in blogs
[16:09] Effulgent Brown: call news orgs and nag them about why they havent paid attention
[16:09] Effulgent Brown: send emails
[16:09] Hayduke Ebisu: also... if anyone here has any contact with First Life reporters... the media needs to hear Spider's story
[16:10] Hayduke Ebisu: spread the word
[16:10] Delia Lake: that would be helpful, Spider. it is difficult to sort it out from the news we get on this side
[16:11] Spider Mycron: i'm always on SL ... u can tach me any time u find me online
[16:11] Linda Finney: It all depends on how much Spider wants to talk
[16:11] Linda Finney: That's great that you will talk Spider
[16:11] Effulgent Brown: yes, anytime you are ready
[16:11] Keystone Bouchard: I think it's fascinating that we can all be together from all around the world, hearing someone from Iraq speak about the reality of the situation there -
[16:12] Charles Gemini: The betrayal of our civil liberties threatens our rights to protest under HR 1 just passed by the House of representatives, we need to let Congress know we won't stand for rolling back the First Amendment any more than we will tolerate their continued funding of this war!
[16:12] Spider Mycron: i like to speak what i live and see .. or speak what others can't breath to say
[16:12] Spider Mycron: yes i love SL
[16:13] Spider Mycron: and support sl and every way i can
[16:13] Spider Mycron: i give best chance for true dream
[16:13] Man Michinaga: What part of Jordan are you in, Spider?
[16:13] Spider Mycron: amman
[16:13] Spider Mycron: the capital

Avatars Against The War - Part III

Avatars Against The WarHere are the 2nd 15 minutes of the chat with Spider Mycron:

[15:46] Hayduke Ebisu: many us want to help, we are not sure how... any ideas?
[15:46] Kurukulla2 Ivory: all of us!
[15:46] Effulgent Brown: you are speaking for them
[15:46] Charles Gemini: We can finish this by stoping the funding for this war!!! Get your Congressman to sponsor HR 543, get our troops out!
[15:46] Effulgent Brown: i dont know if people know how many have fled the country that word needs to get out to people
[15:46] Linda Finney: What does Spider think?
[15:46] Spider Mycron: yes those big money all for war
[15:47] Spider Mycron: they should be something to feed ppl
[15:47] Spider Mycron: and treatment
[15:47] Linda Finney: Basic necessities
[15:47] Spider Mycron: swear in God they can control it all
[15:47] Effulgent Brown: yeah, people can do what they can to bring attention to what is going on, to help
[15:47] Spider Mycron: but while the war continue money still come up
[15:47] Hayduke Ebisu: which organizations do you believe are on the ground helping people in Iraq and Jordan?
[15:47] Linda Finney: Have you seen any organizations that acted especially effectively?
[15:48] Spider Mycron: yes
[15:48] Spider Mycron: just few
[15:48] Spider Mycron: very few
[15:48] Effulgent Brown: people cant stay in iraq, its violent all the time now
[15:48] Spider Mycron: inside of iraq only
[15:48] Spider Mycron: about 3
[15:48] Linda Finney: Can you say any names
[15:48] Effulgent Brown: is red crescent still there?
[15:48] Spider Mycron: we helped one little girl to have free treatment in Qatar
[15:48] Spider Mycron: yes
[15:48] Spider Mycron: i have one name ... can't have it now but i can grap it my inventory
[15:49] Spider Mycron: but honest ppl help to help others
[15:49] Kurukulla2 Ivory: they are on the field! with you guys!
[15:49] Spider Mycron: simple help could be catch a ostpital to let other connect
[15:49] Effulgent Brown: yeah
[15:50] Effulgent Brown: the small stuff like medicine, and clean water
[15:50] Effulgent Brown: then electricity
[15:50] Effulgent Brown: hospitals and stuff like that need attention first, and security
[15:50] Kurukulla2 Ivory: and help for the children and family
[15:51] Effulgent Brown: i wonder if the military is being assigned to guard the hospitals in the same way as the oil ministry?
[15:51] Spider Mycron: they sell everything they get
[15:51] Spider Mycron: i miss some meaning in english
[15:51] Effulgent Brown: hmm
[15:51] Spider Mycron: but simple they are all big criminals and gang
[15:52] Spider Mycron: i mean my government , US army (who leads us army inside of iraq)
[15:52] Spider Mycron: it's a big big big company
[15:52] Effulgent Brown: hmmm we know about some companies there, they are making life worse for the people
[15:52] Effulgent Brown: blackwater a security company i dont think any laws control them
[15:53] Effulgent Brown: im just thinking out loud, sorry lol
[15:53] Spider Mycron: and i find many companies
[15:53] Spider Mycron: they build alot of big crazy projects by 100000s of US dollars
[15:53] Spider Mycron: but for what ?
[15:53] Spider Mycron: for army raesons
[15:54] Spider Mycron: like places to get rest for army
[15:54] Hayduke Ebisu: the internet itself was built by the army
[15:54] Spider Mycron: like they burn the money
[15:54] Effulgent Brown: yes the huge bases
[15:54] Hayduke Ebisu: Linden Lab (maker of Second Life) received DARPA funds
[15:54] Hayduke Ebisu: it's everywhere
[15:54] Effulgent Brown: they hide the money
[15:54] Kurukulla2 Ivory: what would you think if the petrol money was redistributed to your people instead
[15:54] Spider Mycron: they pay about 500.000 US dollars every day to support life
[15:54] Effulgent Brown: yes the military is in every thing
[15:55] Spider Mycron: but when u represent a project . they refused
[15:55] Spider Mycron: lool
[15:55] Kurukulla2 Ivory: to bring back your country
[15:55] Spider Mycron: they pay for example 10.000 US dollars
[15:55] Kurukulla2 Ivory: build it back
[15:55] Spider Mycron: and 2000 for one emplyer (iraqi)
[15:55] Spider Mycron: 1000 or 2000 for us army man .. or leader
[15:55] Spider Mycron: and others .. for others
[15:55] Spider Mycron: then they sign on .. yes we did the project for kids
[15:56] Effulgent Brown: hmm theres got to be something, a lawsuit or something,
[15:56] Kurukulla2 Ivory: what if it was invested in hospital and education?
[15:56] Effulgent Brown: i dont understand what the contract must look like for this scam
[15:56] Kurukulla2 Ivory: what do oyu feel your people are the most angry about?
[15:56] Spider Mycron: nothing in hospitals
[15:56] Spider Mycron: when patient go there he die
[15:57] Spider Mycron: and like animals .. 100 over 100
[15:57] Spider Mycron: i can't see that scene .. other told me always
[15:57] Spider Mycron: and if killing of something happen .. us army do nothing ... they don't secure or help
[15:57] Spider Mycron: they let fire take the other fire
[15:58] Effulgent Brown: is there a way to get cameras to the people
[15:58] Effulgent Brown: people here need to see
[15:58] Spider Mycron: i can bring photos
[15:58] Hayduke Ebisu: so spider... we were here today to ask the US Government to withdraw from Iraq
[15:58] Effulgent Brown: they need to get images out to the world of what is going on
[15:58] Hayduke Ebisu: what will that do to your country?
[15:58] Spider Mycron: images that no one can look for a second
[15:58] Hayduke Ebisu: if we are successful... if the US Army pulls out
[15:58] Effulgent Brown: even if the images are bad, they need to be out
[15:59] Effulgent Brown: people must see what they are participating in
[15:59] Spider Mycron: i worked by the usa army for 20 years
[15:59] Spider Mycron: was helping them to have invernet and contact families by phone to net
[15:59] Spider Mycron: i found nice smart gentle ppl
[16:00] Spider Mycron: but it's too sad to find they are die like nothing :(
[16:00] Spider Mycron: i found my self friend of all

02 February 2007

Avatars Against The War - Part II

Avatars Against The WarAs promised, an edited chatlog of the conversation we had with Spider Mycron in Second Life, during the protests against the war (edited to just get out the stuff that distracts :P ).
Here are the first fifteen minutes:

[15:31] Spider Mycron: i'm from Iraq - Baghdad
[15:31] Effulgent Brown: Welcome :) *huggies*
[15:31] Rik Riel: wow, sorry for all the shit we're doing over there
[15:31] Spider Mycron: that we love all people also
[15:31] Linda Finney: We are so honored that you are in SL
[15:32] Spider Mycron: SL just big sign or sound to make big peace around the world
[15:33] errcheck Hicks: Second Life can build bridges around the world
[15:33] Spider Mycron: yes we can imagibne .. 30.000 in one seconds are around all online
[15:33] Spider Mycron: what a fast great community
[15:34] Linda Finney: Blessings of Peace
[15:34] Linda Finney: Thank you so much Spider
[15:34] Linda Finney: So many people have in the pain in their hearts from this war
[15:34] Kurukulla2 Ivory: thank you
[15:34] Spider Mycron: my pleasure
[15:34] Spider Mycron: we have nothing to do
[15:35] Spider Mycron: we are just the people
[15:35] Spider Mycron: but other presidents make the plans send ppl to hell
[15:35] Spider Mycron: and we have to accept all what happen all destiny
[15:35] Spider Mycron: they try to distribute hates and hark hates
[15:35] Spider Mycron: but never
[15:35] Spider Mycron: we will stay our naturality
[15:37] Hayduke Ebisu: holy cow... everyone's still here!
[15:37] Hayduke Ebisu: woo hoo
[15:38] Hayduke Ebisu: I logged an hour ago
[15:39] Linda Finney: Hayduke this is Spider
[15:39] Hayduke Ebisu: hello spider
[15:39] Linda Finney: He is here from Iraq
[15:39] Spider Mycron: hello
[15:39] Linda Finney: Hayduke is from USA
[15:39] Spider Mycron: glad to meet u
[15:39] Spider Mycron: most of my friends here from USA
[15:39] Linda Finney: He organizes the space for nonprofit organizations on Commonwealth
[15:39] Effulgent Brown: cool
[15:39] Hayduke Ebisu: great to meet you
[15:40] Spider Mycron: that's great
[15:40] Hayduke Ebisu: are you IN iraq or from iraq?
[15:40] Spider Mycron: i left my country with all what i have my house
[15:40] Spider Mycron: just escaped
[15:40] Spider Mycron: most my friends killed
[15:40] Spider Mycron: and keep losing many
[15:41] Linda Finney: We share your pain
[15:41] Spider Mycron: and we are in jorda with bad situation
[15:41] Spider Mycron: no one support us even the government of jordan
[15:41] Spider Mycron: they keep taken money
[15:41] Spider Mycron: we have money now
[15:41] Spider Mycron: what about others ?
[15:41] Effulgent Brown: they are saying that jordan and syria are trying to stop people from coming
[15:41] Hayduke Ebisu: the middle east has never been kind to refugees
[15:41] Spider Mycron: they just though them out to border
[15:41] Kurukulla2 Ivory: and do you feel the USA troop are helping the situation?
[15:41] Spider Mycron: and no one give any refugy or otehr ways
[15:41] Linda Finney: How old are you Spider?
[15:41] Spider Mycron: are we a dead ppl ?
[15:41] Spider Mycron: i don't belive
[15:42] Spider Mycron: i'm 38
[15:42] Linda Finney: Married? Children?
[15:42] Spider Mycron: i have human organization to give free treatment for childhood in iraq
[15:42] Spider Mycron: have it since 2 years
[15:42] Spider Mycron: and no any support
[15:42] Spider Mycron: i just get stories about dead ppl
[15:42] Spider Mycron: ppl work for personal income and pockets
[15:43] Hayduke Ebisu: so spider... you are currently in Jordan?
[15:43] Spider Mycron: yes in Jordan
[15:43] Spider Mycron: with no any resident vesa
[15:43] Hayduke Ebisu: how do you access the internet?
[15:43] Spider Mycron: just a study fine art at college
[15:44] Spider Mycron: i have ADSL broad band at home
[15:44] Linda Finney: What can we do to help you? Make life better?
[15:44] Spider Mycron: i wish nothing to my self
[15:44] Spider Mycron: i wish to help others
[15:44] Spider Mycron: they are feeling the death
[15:44] Spider Mycron: no peace no food no treatment
[15:44] Effulgent Brown: possibly send aid to keep jordan from returning people or blocking them
[15:45] Spider Mycron: i wish to get out of middle east
[15:45] Spider Mycron: but i'm alive now
[15:45] Spider Mycron: i'm crying for others
[15:45] Spider Mycron: if i live happy this way .. i don't deserve this all
[15:45] Linda Finney: We cry with you
[15:45] Kurukulla2 Ivory: it will end some day:)
[15:45] Kurukulla2 Ivory: we want this to end!
[15:45] Spider Mycron: other hurted and liveing without electricity of breath .. scary all anmd every minute
[15:46] Spider Mycron: God only can finish this