12 August 2007

Places of interest

Second LifeThis is a list of my favorite places in Second Life, including some extra info on it (like Linden Office Hours). The list will be edited over time, when I find more places to add, delete places that aren't there anymore or add more info. I'll add a link to this post in the sidebar, to keep it accessible at all times.

Please excuse the mess the page currently is, it's a work in progress. More places will be added soon!

Table of contents


Crescent Moon MuseumCrescent Moon Museum
If you like art, surely you also like a good museum. And that's what Crescent Moon is, they have the coolest art on display and it's especially interested in Starax/Light Waves works. The museum is the oldest art museum in SL! It's just cool.

Crescent Moon Museum is owned by Tayzia Abattoir.

Gallery TamrannochGallery Tamrannoch
There are always amazing works of art to be found at the Gallery. Mostly photography, but also other 2D art. But also 3D art! And if that's not enonugh, there are also live music performances often.
Gallery Tamrannoch and Sea Song Gallery in the region directly adjacent belong together and are owned by Autopilotpatty Poppy (or just "Miss Poppy").

Photography StudioThe Photography Studio in Grignano
Organizes a monthly photo contest! :D

Blog more or less associated: Second Life Art News

Linden's Offices

Bridie Linden's House
Release Candidate (and General) Triage is Wednesdays 3 PM PDT at Bridie's House.

Torley Watermelinden Land of Happiness, Fruit, & Recitations
Torley Linden's Office.
Torley's Office Hours:
Thursdays 12 PM PDT.

Torley has a blog: Torley Lives.

Truly Outrageous

International Spaceflight Museum
Since I found this late 2006/early 2007, the ISM has become much larger (or at least, so it seems). And I think it is expanding still. Whenever something new happens, like a shuttle launch, people gather here to watch the event live on video screens.

The museum also has a website.

Lauk's NestLauk's Nest
A well-known place in SL. It often has new artwork on display and there's always the Mayan temple to explore.

One of the first places I found in SL. It was still winter then, so all was covered in snow. Back then I couldn't believe this was all made in SL using the same sort of plywood prims I had rezzed on Help Island. The great artist behind it all is YadNi Monde.

Splash AquaticsSplash Aquatics
Amazing world beneath the waves. Splash has an aquarium and all the tools you'd need if you want your own water decorations.

No Component

Centre For Water StudiesCentre For Water Studies @ Better World Island
Lots of info on how to make a Better World. I like the Water Studies a lot here, relaxing pond with animals.

This is new for me, I found it recently after visiting Better World and thought it was a cool place.

Intemptesta NoxIntemptesta Nox
Also new for me, apparently a Phantom Of The Opera themed region. Looks very good, but those Builder's Grids and plywood floors make me think it's a work in progress...

Imagination BreedingImagination Breeding
It's a zoo! Also one of the first places I found in January 2007. I was happy to see it still exists today.

A region with some cool stuff put there by Lindens.

Climbable BeanstalkClimbable Beanstalk
Made by Steller Sunshine, this beanstalk is a piece of SL history. A prize will be awarded if people can show they can climb it without flying or other tools.

Linden Village Balloon TourBalloon Tour of Linden Village
Even though the tour only covers Ambleside and Linden Village has grown immensely since the Tour started, it is still fun. Be sure to yell "Hi" if you see any Lindens in the Village. ;)

SL History MuseumSL History Museum
Lots of photos, notecards and items from the history of our beloved Second Life. Be sure to grab your free "Primitar" here. Primitar is the very first avatar in SL, even from before SL was SL! You can see Primitar in action in this video.

Rodeo ForestRodeo Forest
A place of historical value, especially to the Jack family.

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