05 February 2007

Avatars Against The War - Part V

Avatars Against The WarAnd more:

[16:16] Man Michinaga: How is life in Amman currently?
[16:16] Spider Mycron: it's cold, expensive ... ... and critical situation
[16:16] Spider Mycron: pay money always to stay extra month
[16:17] Man Michinaga: Paying to stay in Amman?
[16:17] Spider Mycron: yes MAn
[16:17] Spider Mycron: they don't offer a resident vesa
[16:17] Spider Mycron: so we pay tasks
[16:17] Man Michinaga: I see
[16:17] Spider Mycron: and depends on their mood if they let or they though us out
[16:17] Spider Mycron: bacj to iraq
[16:18] Man Michinaga: Are there any options to get out, maybe get to ankora?
[16:18] Spider Mycron: not sure ... need visa
[16:18] Charles Gemini: Isn't it pilgrimage season? You could get to Mecca
[16:18] Spider Mycron: no way
[16:18] Spider Mycron: i wish
[16:18] Linda Finney: Are you Muslim?
[16:19] Spider Mycron: if i go to syria .i will live on border
[16:19] Effulgent Brown: thats expensive
[16:19] Spider Mycron: yes i'm musslim
[16:19] Spider Mycron: Sunne
[16:19] Effulgent Brown: syria might not be good now, bush is threatening them too
[16:19] Man Michinaga: So, beyond the obvious - what are the issues westerners need to be thinking about in regards to the middle east?
[16:20] Man Michinaga: What is the opinion there now about what the US occupation should do in iraq?
[16:20] Man Michinaga: Should they leave?
[16:21] Spider Mycron: i don't think so
[16:21] Spider Mycron: but they have to be honest one time ...
[16:21] Spider Mycron: at least one time
[16:21] Man Michinaga: SHould they be working towrads political negotiations with Syria and Iran?
[16:21] Spider Mycron: just like japan army
[16:21] Spider Mycron: they came to build and teach ppl new culture
[16:21] Spider Mycron: make the city clean
[16:21] Spider Mycron: they pay monet to who clean his street
[16:21] Man Michinaga: This is the problem, isn't it?
[16:22] Man Michinaga: The US has no idea of the culture of Iraq
[16:22] Spider Mycron: not about culture .. but the army should stay away of civilian
[16:22] Hayduke Ebisu: even we don't... we're here protesting to remove our troops... that might not be a good thing for the people of iraq
[16:22] Man Michinaga: I see.
[16:23] Delia Lake: any way you look at it, the US has made a mess in Iraq
[16:23] Hayduke Ebisu: agreed, delia
[16:23] Effulgent Brown: yes
[16:24] Charles Gemini: HR 4853 would tax the excess profits of reconstruction contractors and investigate why reconstruction dollars aren't going to help people...even if we get US troops out, which is what a majority of Iraqis want, we still owe them reparations through reconstruction funding for years to come
[16:24] Delia Lake: the question is not as simple as should we remove our troops or leave them ther
[16:24] Delia Lake: the questions asked have to be regarding how to develop a peaceful coexistance in the middle east
[16:24] Man Michinaga: Of course, but asking that question opens the door to the better questions.
[16:25] Charles Gemini: The majority of people in both countries want US troops out, but that doesn't mean we wash our hands of all the damage the US has caused in Iraq, both in the 2 Gulf Wars and in our putative sanctions under Bush I and Clinton
[16:25] Delia Lake: and who's voices need to be heard
[16:25] Effulgent Brown: yes, the people of iraq are being left out of both plans, this cannot be solved on this end
[16:26] Delia Lake: and then how do we learn to cooperate for a common good working with people who do not yet understand each other's ways and values
[16:27] Delia Lake: there is no military solution to the complex issues in the middle east
[16:27] Charles Gemini: Another question is whether there is any longer an entity we can call 'iraq' and not two or three countries there that were artificially glommed together by British imperialists 85 years ago, maybe we need to deal with three separate governments for Kurdistan, West-Central Iraq and Southern Iraq
[16:27] Man Michinaga: Exactly.
[16:27] Man Michinaga: this is a very good questions
[16:28] Charles Gemini: I heard today Turkey is considering invading Kurdistan, how do we deal with that?
[16:28] Effulgent Brown: yeah but then there is turkey, what do the kurds do if turkey tries something
[16:28] Effulgent Brown: this is just a huge mess now
[16:28] Hayduke Ebisu: so bush today threatened Iran with military action... on NPR of all places
[16:28] Delia Lake: it was not only the british involved
[16:28] Effulgent Brown: the whole reigon
[16:28] Effulgent Brown: they say the plans to invade iran are on cheney's desk already
[16:29] Linda Finney: Dear Lord Save Us
[16:29] Effulgent Brown: this madness is spreading
[16:29] Man Michinaga: Well, From that, congress has to block the invasion.
[16:29] Charles Gemini: The British got Jordan and Iraq and Kuwait areas after WWI, France got Syria and Lebanon and these countries were created in European negotiations in Versaille and not by those peoples
[16:29] Effulgent Brown: he threatens iran and syria every chance he gets
[16:29] Keystone Bouchard: your website is beautiful Spider
[16:29] Keystone Bouchard: very inspiring
[16:29] Man Michinaga: What is your website?
[16:30] Spider Mycron: www.iraqhelp.org
[16:30] Spider Mycron: www.lifeheartbeat.com

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