30 March 2008

I named a mainland region!

Second LifeA short while back, Linden Lab announced a new project, the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW). Of course it also got a page on the SL wiki, on which they asked Residents to come up with region names for the first large LDPW project, Bay City.

The LDPW was launched to build Linden objects and stuff with help of the Resident community. Residents can apply for a job in the LDPW as 'mole builder'. I applied too, but I don't have much work to show, so I wasn't selected as builder. I wanted t help out in any way though, so I went to think about a good region name.

I figured they'd need to name a region after the Resident mole builders, the people that work hard to get the Bay City project rolling happily. I searched Wikipedia for stuff about moles, in any of its meanings, and came up with Molesworth, a name some RL towns already have. I added it as suggestion on the SL wiki and hoped for the best.

And so a few weeks later I read they'd selected the names for the regions and found they actually used Molesworth. Coincidentally enough, I noticed they used it for the location in the city where I'd always imagined it to be. I had actually taken a Snapshot on the day of the Bay City announcement, looking towards Molesworth's future location:

Road to Bay City

From the region Barcola, there'll be a bridge spanning one 'void' region right into Bay City - Molesworth.

With Linden Labs using my suggestion, I can now say I made it into SL history! :D

(Note the Bay City regions aren't yet accessible publicly)