19 November 2007

Snapshot of the Week #6

Snap of the WeekOk, again a day late, but this time I had some minor kernel panic on startup problems after a OS X 10.4.11 update, which took me half a night and half a day to recover from. But I'm back!

To quote Torley Linden: "Unless you’ve been hiding under a sculptie rock, you know WindLight is here…"

But what pic to make Snap of the Week? I could do my WindLight view of Shivar, but that already got its attention as Editor's Choice pic (which I'm really happy for, btw :D ). So I decided to go with a fav of mine, titled New Land. I've done these wide panoramas of empty, new mainland before, but it always looked quite dull. In other shots, I often used local lights to liven up the Snap, but with these large areas (and rez restrictions), that's just not possible. I really noticed that when I had made a Snap of a mountain on new mainland, only to find out Torley had Snapped the same mountain, but this time in WindLight!

I knew now how much better landscapes looked with WL, and therefor I am proud to present: New Land!

New Land

12 November 2007

Snapshot of the Week #5

Snap of the WeekOk, a day late, but I was busy playing Simutrans, so :P

This week's Snapshot is of the place where all Logo Contest entries are found. Logos of the Art & Artist Network Group. And yes, I entered too! But I'm not saying which one's mine (unless you really, really, really want to know, then just ask me). Go to the webpage here, follow the SLurl and vote for your fav!


05 November 2007

Snapshot of the Week #4

Snap of the WeekLots of things happening this week. I made a Snap of the Dazzle UI, but as that pic got over 70 views within a week already, I decided to not have it as Snap of the Week.

Instead I have a cool pic of Toxic Garden Rezzable. As the name suggests, it's another Rezzable region, also known for their Greenies and Halucinogen regions. High quality!

This Snap also goes well with The Photography Studio's new photo contest, The Wilds. Check it out and do enter a Snap, you can win cash prizes!

Toxic Garden