05 February 2007

Avatars Against The War - Part IV

Avatars Against The WarAnd more:

[16:00] Hayduke Ebisu: spider... what will happen when the US pulls its army out
[16:00] Effulgent Brown: yeah, i dont think people know what its like there for the americans or iraqis
[16:00] Hayduke Ebisu: we are all protesting to get that to happen
[16:00] Spider Mycron: well..
[16:00] Spider Mycron: if the army work correct that will help
[16:00] Spider Mycron: but it work for big plan
[16:00] Spider Mycron: nothing true
[16:01] Spider Mycron: and now .. if us army leave .. a big hell will be on
[16:01] Spider Mycron: and iran will have the big region
[16:01] Kurukulla2 Ivory: if they would help make a true democratic society would this help you
[16:01] Spider Mycron: they will eat iraq
[16:01] Kurukulla2 Ivory: in your country
[16:01] Hayduke Ebisu: this is part of the problem
[16:02] Spider Mycron: if they are truly bring companies ... traders ... and secure it all
[16:02] Hayduke Ebisu: we have destabilized the region and if we pull out it gets a lot worse
[16:02] Hayduke Ebisu: if we stay it gets a lot worse
[16:02] Spider Mycron: that will really help the whole middle east and calm anything around
[16:03] Effulgent Brown: do you think iran is weak now, can they manage iraq, or are people in iran wanting iraq for themselves?
[16:03] Hayduke Ebisu: so spider... you believe that having stable companies in the region will help?
[16:03] Spider Mycron: iraqn just stupid country bad like poison
[16:03] Spider Mycron: they just wait to kick from back
[16:03] Spider Mycron: and they are the big problem
[16:04] Effulgent Brown: so they want to get revenge from the war?
[16:04] Kurukulla2 Ivory: you are talking about the governemnt or the people?
[16:04] Spider Mycron: yes they are just moving smooth like theaf
[16:04] Spider Mycron: government
[16:04] Spider Mycron: ppl are just me and u
[16:04] Kurukulla2 Ivory: :)
[16:04] Spider Mycron: :)
[16:05] Effulgent Brown: the president of iran has been making things worse, he is playing with bush
[16:05] Spider Mycron: yes ..
[16:05] Effulgent Brown: bush is like the iranian president, they are both nuts
[16:05] Effulgent Brown: they will kill people just to save face
[16:05] Spider Mycron: they like like to keep positions
[16:05] Spider Mycron: MONEY
[16:06] Linda Finney: Man is a college professor from Chicago
[16:07] Hayduke Ebisu: spider... please feel free to come join us on Commonwealth Island... you will find many people there that wish to support you
[16:08] Hayduke Ebisu: spider... something you can do
[16:08] Hayduke Ebisu: you should make a list of organizations that are actually helping people in Jordan and Iraq
[16:08] Hayduke Ebisu: many of us would like to support them
[16:08] Effulgent Brown: yes
[16:08] Spider Mycron: yes i can
[16:09] Hayduke Ebisu: it is the least we can do...
[16:09] Spider Mycron: even just real 3
[16:09] Spider Mycron: other are traders
[16:09] Keystone Bouchard: that's a great idea Hayduke
[16:09] Hayduke Ebisu: it is hard for many of us to think about what more we can do
[16:09] Effulgent Brown: any group is good
[16:09] Effulgent Brown: just put it in blogs
[16:09] Effulgent Brown: call news orgs and nag them about why they havent paid attention
[16:09] Effulgent Brown: send emails
[16:09] Hayduke Ebisu: also... if anyone here has any contact with First Life reporters... the media needs to hear Spider's story
[16:10] Hayduke Ebisu: spread the word
[16:10] Delia Lake: that would be helpful, Spider. it is difficult to sort it out from the news we get on this side
[16:11] Spider Mycron: i'm always on SL ... u can tach me any time u find me online
[16:11] Linda Finney: It all depends on how much Spider wants to talk
[16:11] Linda Finney: That's great that you will talk Spider
[16:11] Effulgent Brown: yes, anytime you are ready
[16:11] Keystone Bouchard: I think it's fascinating that we can all be together from all around the world, hearing someone from Iraq speak about the reality of the situation there -
[16:12] Charles Gemini: The betrayal of our civil liberties threatens our rights to protest under HR 1 just passed by the House of representatives, we need to let Congress know we won't stand for rolling back the First Amendment any more than we will tolerate their continued funding of this war!
[16:12] Spider Mycron: i like to speak what i live and see .. or speak what others can't breath to say
[16:12] Spider Mycron: yes i love SL
[16:13] Spider Mycron: and support sl and every way i can
[16:13] Spider Mycron: i give best chance for true dream
[16:13] Man Michinaga: What part of Jordan are you in, Spider?
[16:13] Spider Mycron: amman
[16:13] Spider Mycron: the capital

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