05 February 2007

Avatars Against The War - Part III

Avatars Against The WarHere are the 2nd 15 minutes of the chat with Spider Mycron:

[15:46] Hayduke Ebisu: many us want to help, we are not sure how... any ideas?
[15:46] Kurukulla2 Ivory: all of us!
[15:46] Effulgent Brown: you are speaking for them
[15:46] Charles Gemini: We can finish this by stoping the funding for this war!!! Get your Congressman to sponsor HR 543, get our troops out!
[15:46] Effulgent Brown: i dont know if people know how many have fled the country that word needs to get out to people
[15:46] Linda Finney: What does Spider think?
[15:46] Spider Mycron: yes those big money all for war
[15:47] Spider Mycron: they should be something to feed ppl
[15:47] Spider Mycron: and treatment
[15:47] Linda Finney: Basic necessities
[15:47] Spider Mycron: swear in God they can control it all
[15:47] Effulgent Brown: yeah, people can do what they can to bring attention to what is going on, to help
[15:47] Spider Mycron: but while the war continue money still come up
[15:47] Hayduke Ebisu: which organizations do you believe are on the ground helping people in Iraq and Jordan?
[15:47] Linda Finney: Have you seen any organizations that acted especially effectively?
[15:48] Spider Mycron: yes
[15:48] Spider Mycron: just few
[15:48] Spider Mycron: very few
[15:48] Effulgent Brown: people cant stay in iraq, its violent all the time now
[15:48] Spider Mycron: inside of iraq only
[15:48] Spider Mycron: about 3
[15:48] Linda Finney: Can you say any names
[15:48] Effulgent Brown: is red crescent still there?
[15:48] Spider Mycron: we helped one little girl to have free treatment in Qatar
[15:48] Spider Mycron: yes
[15:48] Spider Mycron: i have one name ... can't have it now but i can grap it my inventory
[15:49] Spider Mycron: but honest ppl help to help others
[15:49] Kurukulla2 Ivory: they are on the field! with you guys!
[15:49] Spider Mycron: simple help could be catch a ostpital to let other connect
[15:49] Effulgent Brown: yeah
[15:50] Effulgent Brown: the small stuff like medicine, and clean water
[15:50] Effulgent Brown: then electricity
[15:50] Effulgent Brown: hospitals and stuff like that need attention first, and security
[15:50] Kurukulla2 Ivory: and help for the children and family
[15:51] Effulgent Brown: i wonder if the military is being assigned to guard the hospitals in the same way as the oil ministry?
[15:51] Spider Mycron: they sell everything they get
[15:51] Spider Mycron: i miss some meaning in english
[15:51] Effulgent Brown: hmm
[15:51] Spider Mycron: but simple they are all big criminals and gang
[15:52] Spider Mycron: i mean my government , US army (who leads us army inside of iraq)
[15:52] Spider Mycron: it's a big big big company
[15:52] Effulgent Brown: hmmm we know about some companies there, they are making life worse for the people
[15:52] Effulgent Brown: blackwater a security company i dont think any laws control them
[15:53] Effulgent Brown: im just thinking out loud, sorry lol
[15:53] Spider Mycron: and i find many companies
[15:53] Spider Mycron: they build alot of big crazy projects by 100000s of US dollars
[15:53] Spider Mycron: but for what ?
[15:53] Spider Mycron: for army raesons
[15:54] Spider Mycron: like places to get rest for army
[15:54] Hayduke Ebisu: the internet itself was built by the army
[15:54] Spider Mycron: like they burn the money
[15:54] Effulgent Brown: yes the huge bases
[15:54] Hayduke Ebisu: Linden Lab (maker of Second Life) received DARPA funds
[15:54] Hayduke Ebisu: it's everywhere
[15:54] Effulgent Brown: they hide the money
[15:54] Kurukulla2 Ivory: what would you think if the petrol money was redistributed to your people instead
[15:54] Spider Mycron: they pay about 500.000 US dollars every day to support life
[15:54] Effulgent Brown: yes the military is in every thing
[15:55] Spider Mycron: but when u represent a project . they refused
[15:55] Spider Mycron: lool
[15:55] Kurukulla2 Ivory: to bring back your country
[15:55] Spider Mycron: they pay for example 10.000 US dollars
[15:55] Kurukulla2 Ivory: build it back
[15:55] Spider Mycron: and 2000 for one emplyer (iraqi)
[15:55] Spider Mycron: 1000 or 2000 for us army man .. or leader
[15:55] Spider Mycron: and others .. for others
[15:55] Spider Mycron: then they sign on .. yes we did the project for kids
[15:56] Effulgent Brown: hmm theres got to be something, a lawsuit or something,
[15:56] Kurukulla2 Ivory: what if it was invested in hospital and education?
[15:56] Effulgent Brown: i dont understand what the contract must look like for this scam
[15:56] Kurukulla2 Ivory: what do oyu feel your people are the most angry about?
[15:56] Spider Mycron: nothing in hospitals
[15:56] Spider Mycron: when patient go there he die
[15:57] Spider Mycron: and like animals .. 100 over 100
[15:57] Spider Mycron: i can't see that scene .. other told me always
[15:57] Spider Mycron: and if killing of something happen .. us army do nothing ... they don't secure or help
[15:57] Spider Mycron: they let fire take the other fire
[15:58] Effulgent Brown: is there a way to get cameras to the people
[15:58] Effulgent Brown: people here need to see
[15:58] Spider Mycron: i can bring photos
[15:58] Hayduke Ebisu: so spider... we were here today to ask the US Government to withdraw from Iraq
[15:58] Effulgent Brown: they need to get images out to the world of what is going on
[15:58] Hayduke Ebisu: what will that do to your country?
[15:58] Spider Mycron: images that no one can look for a second
[15:58] Hayduke Ebisu: if we are successful... if the US Army pulls out
[15:58] Effulgent Brown: even if the images are bad, they need to be out
[15:59] Effulgent Brown: people must see what they are participating in
[15:59] Spider Mycron: i worked by the usa army for 20 years
[15:59] Spider Mycron: was helping them to have invernet and contact families by phone to net
[15:59] Spider Mycron: i found nice smart gentle ppl
[16:00] Spider Mycron: but it's too sad to find they are die like nothing :(
[16:00] Spider Mycron: i found my self friend of all

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