07 August 2007

Blogger and Opera: Does it finally work now?

OperaThis is really a test post to see if Blogger now finally can be used on the best browser ever made: Opera.

Back when I posted the Avatars Against The War posts, I had to do so using Safari on my Mac and the awfully slow Internet Exploder on an awfully slow Windoze machine. And even then, I couldn't upload images, that's why I used deviantART embedded images.

Now I recently tried logging in again, which failed a few times until I realized blogger.com needs google.com cookies. I usually have in my Opera prefs "Accept only cookies from the site I visit" checked, as I don't want some crappy bannersite planting cookies on my machine. Changing this setting to allow cookies from external sites, I now was able to login Blogger and post this message.

The only problem now is... The Opera logo at the top right of this message isn't showing, while when I enter its url directly in my browser, it loads fine. :S See this thread.

Update: Somebody pointed me to the Picasa stuff, where uploaded images can be managed and I got a completely different url for the small logo. Pasting that in here seems to fix it. Now I want to delete the larger one from the album, but both the thumbnails appear the same size, and it lacks something useful like... a filename, so I have no idea which to delete. Come on Google, I thought your business was in online tools, I'd have expected you knew how to implement things other sites are using since 2000 already!

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Peter Chen said...

Goode dag Meneer Daedalus Young,

Thank you for leaving a comment in my post Putting up a copyright notice that automatically updates on your website. I have responded to your comment.

Tot straks

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