03 December 2007

Snapshot of the Week #7 and #8

Snap of the WeekRL's been crazy last week, I hardly have time for SL anymore :P But it's not that bad, I'm thinking about launching an alt account soon, but you shouldn't notice anything about that. But because I missed the Snap of the Week last week, you get two now! :D

First, I was invited by Lauk's Nest owner Lukas Mensing for a viewing of the Swedish short film Punkspark. Afterwards there was a Q&A with the director and producer.


And second, virtual Dublin owner Ham Rambler celebrated his RL 50th rezday birthday in RL London venue The Regal Room. SL artists, such as Cylindrian Rutabaga and Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico performed in SL Dublin, which was being shown (as I was told) on a screen in London and RL artists performed in London, which was being streamed back to SL. Among the RL performers was none other than Bruce Dickinson! An avatar with his name as title showed up in SL. I don't know if that was controlled by the real Bruce though.

Bruce Dickinson

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