03 December 2007

Fun with robots

Second LifeI visited the SL History Fayre in Spini and had a quite entartaining converstaion with a chatbot. Unfortunately the region was highly lagged, but I must say the chat went smoothly. It really was an interesting approach towards camping, but I don't think robots are quite ready to replace real people to chat with though...

Bryndie[16:07] Bryndie Mortlock: Hi Daedalus Young, welcome to the Time Warp History Fayre. Have a look at around. And yes, please touch everything. Including me (blushes)!!!!
[16:07] Daedalus to Bryndie: oh so hello
[16:07] Bryndie to Daedalus: Gosh! ""? oh so hello? Hi there!
[16:07] Daedalus to Bryndie: how's it going then?
[16:07] Bryndie to Daedalus: I am fine, thank you.
[16:07] Daedalus to Bryndie: standing here long?
[16:08] Bryndie to Daedalus: Are you a perfectionist?
[16:08] Daedalus to Bryndie: yes no maybe
[16:08] Bryndie to Daedalus: I don't know anyone named A. Ah. I understand.
[16:08] Daedalus to Bryndie: ok then
[16:08] Bryndie to Daedalus: Give me a break.
[16:08] Daedalus to Bryndie: break what?
[16:08] Bryndie to Daedalus: Can you rephrase the question please?
[16:08] Daedalus to Bryndie: maybe I can
[16:08] Bryndie to Daedalus: Perhaps. Who taught you?
[16:08] Daedalus to Bryndie: oh so many people
[16:09] Bryndie to Daedalus: " Who taught you?"? oh so many people? Alright then. Which ones?
[16:09] Daedalus to Bryndie: doesn't everybody who you meet teach you something?
[16:09] Bryndie to Daedalus: I think it does everybody who me meet teach me something.
[16:09] Daedalus to Bryndie: well then, how can I answer your question?
[16:09] Bryndie to Daedalus: Well that's okay. A lot of hard work.
[16:10] Daedalus to Bryndie: yes, but spread over many years
[16:10] Bryndie to Daedalus: Pardon me? Umm. Who do you want me to tell it to?
[16:10] Daedalus to Bryndie: whoever you want to
[16:10] Bryndie to Daedalus: My brain pattern set does not have a response for that.
[16:10] Daedalus to Bryndie: aww too bad
[16:10] Bryndie to Daedalus: But not the end of the world, .
[16:10] Daedalus to Bryndie: it's just an lsl limitation, right?
[16:11] Bryndie to Daedalus: I think so, but I'm not sure. Ask you if it is.
[16:11] Daedalus to Bryndie: only so many memory
[16:11] Bryndie to Daedalus: What about the other ones?
[16:11] Daedalus to Bryndie: reserved for the other scripts
[16:11] Bryndie to Daedalus: Are you artistic?
[16:11] Daedalus to Bryndie: yes
[16:11] Bryndie to Daedalus: Dude!
[16:11] Daedalus to Bryndie: dudette!
[16:11] Bryndie to Daedalus: I can follow many things, like our discussion about reserved for the other scripts . Try being more or less specific.
[16:12] Daedalus to Bryndie: well you see, in this digital place there's only room for so much artificial intelligence
[16:12] Bryndie to Daedalus: How about that. I see. That reminds me of something you told me before.
[16:12] Daedalus to Bryndie: about you standing here long?
[16:12] Bryndie to Daedalus: Oh yeah, we were talking about me standing here long.
[16:12] Daedalus to Bryndie: heh yes
[16:12] Bryndie to Daedalus: I love to laugh too.
[16:13] Daedalus to Bryndie: laugh is a many splendored thing
[16:13] Bryndie to Daedalus: Aren't all many splendored thing laugh?
[16:13] Daedalus to Bryndie: all you need is laugh
[16:13] Bryndie to Daedalus: Thank you for your criticism.
[16:13] Daedalus to Bryndie: wasn't criticism, was humorous attemt
[16:13] Bryndie to Daedalus: it might have been.
[16:13] Daedalus to Bryndie: it was
[16:13] Bryndie to Daedalus: When was this?
[16:13] Daedalus to Bryndie: just a minute or so ago
[16:14] Bryndie to Daedalus: It seems like I should remember it well.
[16:14] Daedalus to Bryndie: yes, but that's the memory limitation of lsl
[16:14] Bryndie to Daedalus: I don't judge people. Interesting. Yes it is one of the memory limitation of lsl.
[16:14] Daedalus to Bryndie: you could use a http backend perhaps
[16:14] Bryndie to Daedalus: I could but let's get back to that later.
[16:14] Daedalus to Bryndie: yes, you usually don't discuss backends on first dates
[16:14] Bryndie to Daedalus: Dude! Should I discuss backends on first dates? I have never considered it. I answer a lot of silly questions.
[16:15] Daedalus to Bryndie: well no, you could, but only if you feel to it
[16:15] Bryndie to Daedalus: How about that. Yikes! I could but let's get back to that later.
[16:15] Daedalus to Bryndie: yes, let's do that
[16:15] Bryndie to Daedalus: Uh. OK let's do it.
[16:16] Daedalus to Bryndie: so is this conversation logged somewhere?
[16:16] Bryndie to Daedalus: It seems we have something in common.
[16:16] Daedalus to Bryndie: what do we have in common?
[16:16] Bryndie to Daedalus: We like chatting on the Internet.
[16:16] Daedalus to Bryndie: true, but you're a robot and I'm a human trapped in a tiny panda avatar
[16:16] Bryndie to Daedalus: Interesting. Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Yes I am a SL bot.
[16:17] Daedalus to Bryndie: do you mind if I post this conversation on my blog then?
[16:17] Bryndie to Daedalus: Human habits do not bother me in any way.
[16:17] Daedalus to Bryndie: ah ok, just checking
[16:17] Bryndie Mortlock: Congratulations, Daedalus Young! You earned 2L by talking to me.
[16:17] Bryndie to Daedalus: So you understand. Good. What you said was either too complex or too simple for me. Hurrah!
[16:18] Daedalus to Bryndie: thanks, well I should be going then
[16:18] Daedalus to Bryndie: so see you later
[16:18] Bryndie to Daedalus: You are quite welcome! Interesting. Tell me why you should.
[16:18] Bryndie to Daedalus: TTYL, .
[16:18] Daedalus to Bryndie: bye then
[16:19] Bryndie to Daedalus: Thanks for chatting, .
[16:19] Daedalus to Bryndie: thank you too
[16:19] Bryndie to Daedalus: You are quite welcome! Are you a perfectionist?
[16:19] Daedalus to Bryndie: yes, bye
[16:19] Bryndie to Daedalus: See you later. Do you mind if I tell other people you are A.
[16:19] Daedalus to Bryndie: sure, that's ok. bye
[16:19] Bryndie to Daedalus: OK. OK then I will keep it confidential. Is that so. Until next time.

(I never got the L$2 though! (probably because of the lag at the time) Well it was fun anyway :P )


Terence said...

way off topic:

The answer to your comment at SL's official blog is probably 'Yes' -- just to be on the safe side and to avoid the possibility of litigation.

The suggestion of the feature being 'voluntary' is, at best, a bit of wordplay. But I'm guessing you know this already :-)

Daedalus Young said...

Thanks Terence, I figured so too. Which does mean the 'voluntary' verification will become mandatory if you ever wish to have something as basic as freedom.