12 December 2007


Second LifeSimone Stern tagged Stella Costello...
Stella Costello tagged Cheen Pitney...
Cheen Pitney tagged Morris Vig...
and Morris tagged me.

8 random facts about me and then I'll have to find 8 more people to tag. So let's do this!

  1. I often have Comedy Central on at night, only to see two re-runs of South Park episodes which I've seen too much already

  2. My internal clock is broken I think, I can easily be up until late at night (or early morning) and sleep the entire day, but I've never been able to turn that around, like normal people

  3. I should've blogged this a while ago, but never did it, so this is the perfect moment: I have an almost-3-weeks-old nephew named Daniel, who is the reason I wasn't at 28 November's Bug Triage

  4. Since 3 weeks I'm in a band that practices on Monday evening, which is the reason I haven't been at Monday's Bug Triage since then. And probably won't be either.

  5. I have a female avatar in Puzzle Pirates

  6. It's my rezday! I'm 1 SL year old now :D

  7. I have a Mac and I don't intend to ever use a Windoze machine unless I really really have to. I can't understand how people can like a machine that takes 12 hours just to start up and crashes when it's on longer than 3 minutes.

  8. I was tagged to post 20 facts about myself two years ago, which I filled with about 18 real facts, now I'm already stuck at 7 :|

Whew! Now on to the 8 people to be tagged. And the lucky 8 are...
Ayumi Cassini; Moriash Moreau; umm... ok, the other 6 already were tagged... I really don't know/read that many other SL blogs (there's your bonus 9th fact about me!)


Ayumi Cassini said...

OK, I've paid my dues: http://ayumicassini.blogspot.com/2007/12/123-of-me.html ;)

@2: Mine is too! I wouldn't say it's not normal.. more like... we're special :)

@4: You guys are good! I was going to choose the song I like best, but I couldn't decide lol. Any concerts in SL coming up soon?

@6: Happy rez day! I sent you something in SL :)

Daedalus Young said...

Thanks very much Ayumi! Also special thanks for the gift, that's so nice of you :) I don't know when I'll be celebrating, I'm off to Berlin for the weekend :), but I'll sure send you an invitation then.

I'm not playing on the recordings on the site yet, and since I joined, theoverall sound has changed a bit, for the good, we hope. We have planned a few months of rehearsing and writing new songs, so will be a while for a concert. And I don't think we'll perform in SL yet, but most likely it'll be posted all on YouTube :)

Ayumi Cassini said...

Your welcome :) Cool, you're actually celebrating your rez day. I missed mine hehe. As to the band, I can't wait to hear/see the recordings where you play.