19 November 2007

Snapshot of the Week #6

Snap of the WeekOk, again a day late, but this time I had some minor kernel panic on startup problems after a OS X 10.4.11 update, which took me half a night and half a day to recover from. But I'm back!

To quote Torley Linden: "Unless you’ve been hiding under a sculptie rock, you know WindLight is here…"

But what pic to make Snap of the Week? I could do my WindLight view of Shivar, but that already got its attention as Editor's Choice pic (which I'm really happy for, btw :D ). So I decided to go with a fav of mine, titled New Land. I've done these wide panoramas of empty, new mainland before, but it always looked quite dull. In other shots, I often used local lights to liven up the Snap, but with these large areas (and rez restrictions), that's just not possible. I really noticed that when I had made a Snap of a mountain on new mainland, only to find out Torley had Snapped the same mountain, but this time in WindLight!

I knew now how much better landscapes looked with WL, and therefor I am proud to present: New Land!

New Land

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