25 December 2007

Snapshot of the Week #9, #10 and #11

Snap of the WeekBeen really busy again these weeks, I've been away a weekend to Berlin and all the stuff to do before Christmas. So I'll have to combine 3 weeks into one post again.

First, I noticed a cool new Sculpty sculpture at Oyster Bay. Check it out for yourself!


Second, I was checking out the region of the RL magazine SLang Life. The cool thing is you can sign up to receive a real magazine by mail, completely for free. I subscribed, so happily awaiting the first issue :D

SLang Life

And third, hot news! New WindLight viewer. Only downside: there's a new bug that renders huge black stripes in the sky. But what's more fun than take something bad (like this bug) and turn it into something good (like art)!

WindLight Bug

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