22 August 2007

The Philosophical Computer

The Philosophical ComputerA few years ago, I wrote a journal entry on my deviantART page, titled Brainfood. Along with it, I created the drawing as seen below. I called it The Philosophical Computer. A computer with a low form of conscience, thinking about why he exists.

I enjoyed thinking about modern technology in a philosophical way. I think it makes it easier to understand the questions we may have about ourselves and our world. Therefor, I decided to make this idea a common category on this blog, recognizable by the computer icon in the upper right of the post.

Especially with the current developments in Second Life, I think it becomes even clearer. After all, we now have a true 3rd person in its own world. Of course it's controlled by a human somewhere in meatspace, but it should be fun thinking about the avatars as if they have a consciousness and a free will. I may let it move forward, he thinks he walks by himself.

So from now on, I'll be calling this "The Philosophical Computer". I must admit I haven't checked yet, but if something like this already exists, let me know :P
Hope you enjoy!

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