10 August 2007

What's this all about then?

Young MediaSo for some reason you stumbled upon this blog and you'd like to know what it's about. There are some posts with a chatlog of some sort you see and a rant at Google for not being able to make a user-friendly blog/photo service. What else can you expect?

The short answer is this blog will be about everything. Everything I have an opinion about (or not); everything I just want to say (this entry is an example of that); good, underestimated YouTube vids maybe; Second Life; rants; praise... Everything!

You may ask yourself, is there a reason to keep an eye on this blog then? If it's all about my opinion and what I have to say, what's in it for you? I can't answer that question, that's exactly where you come in. If you like my posts, then watch this blog, if you don't, then don't. Feel free to leave comments, I'll read them all and always try to say something back. Just be respectful and everything. I'm sure you're sensible enough :)

Last question you might want to ask, what is Young Media? Well, my name is Daedalus Young (actually, that's my Second Life name, which is good enough for here), so that's where Young comes from. And I'm into everything media, art, photography, film, tv, radio, internet. So that makes Young Media. This blog will not specifically or necessarily cover only those subjects, but you can expect it. (Also follow these links to get a better idea of what I find fun/interesting/weird/amusing)

If you have any more questions, ask them here. I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and we can inspire eachother. Have fun!

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