09 September 2009

A Day Without Cats

BlahToday has been declared The Day Without Cats by urlesque.com. Now I ask you! What is this madness! According to several joining the ban, it is to give our beloved cats a break. They're performing their cattesque tricks on the interwebz every single day, they should have a day off once in a while. But is is my humble opinion that ignoring cats on the nets all day is not going to help our fuzry friends and therefor, I, and many more catlovers, have decided to exactly do the opposite: On 09-09-09, we post cats!1!one!

Starting with the one I made, and yes, it's a Gaijin 4Koma:

And one I found on deviantART:

And of course:


Anonymous said...

Agree absolutely -- cats automatically question authority, and so should we.

Daedalus Young said...

I greatly question urlesque's authority at this point :P