03 April 2010

SL Viewer 2: initial thoughts

Second LifeOk, so SL Viewer 2 is now the official viewer. So I suppose they've put a lot of thought and work into it, making sure the most obvious (and easily fixed) bugs are gone and it's more user-friendly than any viewer ever could be. Let's have a look.
This is part 1

Ok, that looks rather... dark. And big and clunky, really. And there's a lot of unused (read: wasted) space, on the menu bar, on the Favourites bar, whatever that is. And at the bottom bar, the buttons are way too large and there's black unused space on there too.

SL Viewer 2

And where are my coordinates? I would like to know where I am. Well, I'm sure we can find that later, first, let's see if we can do something about the wasted space in the Favourites bar. Ah yes, right-click it and you can turn that and the Address bar off. Good! Why do we need an Address bar anyway, SL is not a webbrowser, it shouldn't look like one.

SL Viewer 2

With that out of the way (ahh, so much extra space)... Hey, that makes me think. Why do I come to SL? To view the inworld content! Ah-ha! So shouldn't the UI be designed to stay low profile and giving me as much inworld content as possible? Then why are the Address and Favourites bars so huge to begin with? Taking away precious space I need to show me the inworld content. Looking at my real webbrowser, I'm noticing the same thing, the UI is small, even customizable, so that I have now in Opera no more Next, Previous, Stop, Refresh buttons, as I can do all that with keyboard and mouse gestures. Well I'm glad I can hide these bars in the SL Viewer, I do not need them, I do not want them.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, with that out of the way, I can look at the bottom bar. What's in there and do I need it and how do I get rid of it?

Hmm, Gesture. I don't need that, I can type my gestures in chat. Move. I don't need that either, I move with my keyboard. View, don't need that, I view with the usual camera controls, like alt-click, control click and so on.
What's this? Presets? Oh, now that's nice. A much asked for feature. If only I could create my own additional presets now... And access them easier than through this button.

SL Viewer 2

Well I'm sure I can set that in Preferences or something.

Which I will discuss in part 2.

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