29 October 2008

Out Of Order & Love Hurts - short films

Daedalus Young MediaI recently did on-set sound recording for two short horror films, both produced by Media Republic. I got them both on dvd, but I never knew they were online, until now. I thought it'd be cool to show them on here too, hopefully you enjoy them. As they're scary movies, they should be just right for Halloween.

I'd like to add today's my 29th birthday. That's completely off-topic though.

Oh, and the playback of these Vimeo things is terribly choppy on my machine, I hope you can see it somewhat ok. It's extremely annoying though. Don't you just hate Flash?!

Now without further ado, here's the first short film, Out Of Order, starring actress Hanna Verboom.

And what's behind door number two? Or should I say, what's film number two? Well, it's Love Hurts, starring the lovely Medi Broekman (and others, just read the credits).

Opinions and questions can be left in the comments. :)


Ayumi Cassini said...

Woohoo, congratulations ^^ I'm too afraid to watch the movies though haha :) I skimmed through them and they seem scary...

Happy birthday! (I'm one day late again!). Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Hope that's correct :)

Daedalus Young said...

Thanks Ayumi :) And yep, that's completely correct. Is that a Google translation or did you know how to translate to German and from there to Swedish and from there to Dutch? :P

Ayumi Cassini said...

Hehe :D I don't trust Google translation enough to use it like this ;) I found it somewhere in the Internet - you wouldn't believe how many people ask on various forums how to say "Happy Birthday" in Dutch ^^ I chose the most common answer, hoping that's the right one :)

Daedalus Young said...

Ooh yeah, that's a great method too :D