29 September 2008

GraphJam, I'm on it

BlahYou may have heard of GraphJam. Especially if you regularly visit sites like ICHC. Then you know what it is. If not, let me try to explain.

GraphJam is a site with, as the name implies, graphs. Afaik initially started out as graphs about songs, for example lyrics breakdowns. But the song chart meme became a bit lame, after the 8th Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo graph.

So people also started making graphs about other pop culture phenomena and general things (like: Time needed to buy jeans; Women: 4 hours; Men: 4 minutes).

All graphs on the site are user-submitted. So after my Creation of a universe video, I got this idea for a graph about the LHC, made the graph and submitted it. It got listed on the Vote pages on GJ, where people can vote thumbs-up or thumbs-down on graphs. If they're good enough, they'll be featured on the main site. And after a few days I noticed my graph had 95 votes, of which 91 thumbs-up and only 4 thumbs-down.

So today my graph got listed for real and people generally seem to like it, with 4.5 pies in 144 votes currently. And comments like "love it", "sexy graph" and sparking discussions about the fate of the Earth (linked to Ghostbusters). Is it really that good? Well decide for yourself. Anyway, I'm proud of it :D

song chart memes

Oh yeah! The GraphJam people have put an interesting video about the LHC on the same page, be sure to watch it!


Ayumi Cassini said...

Hahaha, the graph is hilarious, it makes me laugh every time I see it :)

Daedalus Young said...

That's cool :D Glad you like it!