01 June 2008

Who really should've won

EuropeYeah, I know, it's a good while ago by now, but I really needed to give my opinion on this matter. You see, the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 was won by the wrong country.

I don't have anything against Russia in general, it's just that their song sucked. Sucked bad. As a musician, I know what I'm talking about and I know what's good and what's terribly bad. Or at least I think I know. And therefor, I hereby announce the votes of the Daedalus Youngian jury:

1 point, Georgia (I think you could've done more with the song, there's not enough contrast now)
2 points, Greece (just put in a guitar and some more real instruments, you would've scored more)
3 points, Latvia (just because I was rofl during the performance, you can't be serious! the song still sucks though)
4 points, Armenia (could've done more with the song too, I don't like the beginning)
5 points, Croatia (nice and original)
6 points, Denmark (could've had a bit more surprises, otherwise cool song)
7 points, France
8 points, Azerbaijan
10 points, Finland
and finally, 12 points go to...


So there you go, ESC 2009 in Ankara, if they'd just asked me.


Ayumi Cassini said...

Aaaaah, Eurovision... Seems like it's not about music anymore... Turkey would be a much better winner indeed.

Daedalus Young said...

Yeah, most songs can hardly be classified as 'music' at all :P I'm curious about your top 10 now ;)

Ayumi Cassini said...

I didn't really watch the whole contest, only some movies on YouTube, so I don't really have a Top 10... But I like yours :)

Daedalus Young said...

Ok cool :)