27 September 2007

Burning Life: it will remain a mystery to me

Second LifeI had heard of it. I had seen photos of it. I knew it was coming, but I did not know what I could expect.

Burning Life, the SL equivalent of the RL Burning Man Festival. Something with a wooden frame on fire in the desert. The idea I used to have of it was that of men coming their in pickup trucks, drinking beer, talking about women, cars and fire. I now learned it has something to do with art apparently. And with art, criticism and concern:

And freedom and kicking against bureaucracy apparently, but if so, what's all the fuzz about sculptures in PG regions censored? Then just don't make the regions PG or anything, but if you fight for freedom, you can't have censorship.

But I'm having a hard time. When I teleport over, I see interesting things nearby. I check it out, but see something else rezzing (with half-loading textures), check that out, meanwhile forgetting where I was, what else I wanted to see. So I quickly give up checking everything out, because I'm so overwhelmed, I feel I'd need a year to really see everything and appreciate it.

But without really checking things out, what's there to do but flying around randomly, hoping things rezzed before you've flown over them. And with that, the whole purpose is a complete blur to me. It is simply too much and too large. If I want an art show, I'm happy at Oyster Bay, with shows like Hidden Starax, which are set up so you know you have the time for all pieces, yet won't miss out on anything.

SL4B had 9 regions, that was a lot too, but since every region had a simple theme, it was still overseeable. Also, every region had a Telehub, with a map of the area and teleporters. So you could easily tp into a region, look on the map what there was to be seen, then tp off to the desired location. None of that in Burning Life, it seems everything is just scattered around with no directions or other forms of clarity.

I will see if the regions are accessible on Sunday for Burning The Man (O irony, 22 regions, far too much for a simple guy like me to explore in a few days, yet it probably won't be enough for the climax of the show!), but apart from that, I don't think I'll spend much time there. And that's too bad, because I know there is cool stuff out there, but with no clear pointers, I'm just lost. And thus, I did not know what to expect, I still don't know.

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